Today's closing crude oil price

Today's closing crude oil price

OPEC alliance postponed the final meToday's closing crude oil priceeting time to Thursday, allowing plenty of time to reach

pressure. In the evening, gold in the U.S. market fell sharply, and fell below the European

The oil price was adjusted at 24:00 on December 17. At present, it is expected to increase

"On May 15, oil prices closed higher after the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted that global inventories would decrease in the second half of 2020. Although the market is still worried that there may be a second wave of coronavirus outbreak in the next few months, international oil prices still rebounded strongly on Thursday,

U.S. oil companies have increased drilling to increase supply after the recent recovery in

red columToday's closing crude oil pricen gradually weakened, KDJ dead fork, index was near 50. From a technical point of

slow rise. In fact, have seen the big market, that is to do long-term investors should know