Physical crude oil trading

Physical crude oil trading

The U.S. energy industry will have $44.8 billion of corporate bonds due, compaPhysical crude oil tradingred with $29.3

robust 42.3 empty look around 42 and 41.5, or 40.2 see more 40.6 and 41.5 break 42.3, robust

oil price rose last night (24:00 on November 19) with an increase of 0.12 yuan / l-0.14 yuan

And Barclays estimates that next week's OPEC meeting will postpone the crude oil production

2020 is likely to be the most active Atlantic hurricane season since 2005, and this may continue to provide some short-term support for weak oil prices.

Crude oil isPhysical crude oil trading still volatile trend, early pressure position first empty. "

plants and the recovery of purchasing enthusiasm, coal prices rebounded from the middle of