In which year did US crude oil prices hit a record high of US$147?

In which year did US crude oil prices hit a record high of US$147?

Next Monday (28th, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window will be opened, which is the last round of refined oil price adjustments before the Spring Festival. According to the recent upward trend of international oil prices, it is expected that refined oil products will rise twIn which year did US crude oil prices hit a record high of US$147?ice in a row on the 28th.

Summary: U.S. President Trump once again criticized OPEC member states for pushing up oil prices on Wednesday, July 4, local time, saying that OPEC needs to take more action against oil prices and aligning this issue with the United States in many OPEC member states. The military presence is linked.

Affected by this, as of 9:00 on April 26, the US dollar index rebounded to around 92, the highest point this year. But many financial institutions are opposed to this-when oil prices continue to hover above US$70, it will pose a negative pressure on US economic growth. If oil prices reach US$80-00/barrel, the US economy may face the risk of recession due to high inflation. .

Petersen also believes that rising volatility in oil market trading volatility has reached its highest level since February will make crude oil investors more willing to accept risks. On the one hand, people believe that OPEC and Russia’s production cuts for more than a year have tightened the supply of the crude oil market; on the other hand, the risk premium of geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East has returned to crude oil pricing, making crude oil more attractive.

The well-known financial blog site Zerohedege commented that API data showed that US crude oil inventories fell more than expected during the week, pushing up WTI crude oil to above 70 US dollars per barrel. However, all eyes are now on Iran. The Oxford Institute for Economic Research stated that the United States’ decision to impose the highest level of economic sanctions on Iran will result in a gradual and moderate decline in the output of Iran, the world’s fifth largest crude oil producer.

Previously, consulting giant IHSMarkit had predicted that production in the Permian Basin was In which year did US crude oil prices hit a record high of US$147?expected to double between 207 and 202, reaching 5.4 million barrels. At present, the Permian’s oil production has reached 400,000 barrels per day, which is the region with the highest oil production after the three major OPEC members Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.