Crude oil chart

Crude oil chart

Case held a seminar in Vienna to discuss the OPEC NOPEC proposal. The company’s lawyers suggested that OPEC should avoid public discussion of crude oil prices, but should discuss the stability of the crude oil markCrude oil chartet. It was also suggested that OPEC seek diplomatic lobbying channels to prevent NOPEC from becoming law.

According to official data, 86% of the supply of non-OPEC crude oil in 207 came from the United States, Canada, Kazakhstan, and Brazil, while Mexico and the North Sea showed a significant decline, while the supply of non-OPEC crude oil increased by 500,000 barrels per day. Among them, tight oil and unconventional liquefied natural gas accounted for 94%. This was due to the increase in investment and the upgrading of indicators. In contrast, this indicator was only 90% in 207.

After the US government announced its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement in May 208, it successively designated the governor of the Iranian Central Bank and the leader of the Lebanese Islamic Shia organization Hezbollah under the influence of Iran as the targets of unilateral sanctions, which increased the pressure. .

After hitting a historical low of US$254 per barrel, Brent crude oil prices have risen for three consecutive years, with increases of 495%, 72%, and 8% respectively; during the same period, the annual increase of WTI crude oil prices was 424%, 77%, and %. . Since this year, the price increase in the two major international crude oil markets has surpassed or approached last year's increase. The resulting premium loss in my country is self-evident.

But immediately there was news from the New York Times that Trump had informed French President Macron that the United States would withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement and would restore all sanctions related to the agreement. It's just that this report did not give clues to the source or the source.

According to Reuters, the Iraqi central government took back control of the Kirkuk oil field from the government of the Kurdish Autonomous Region in October 207, and then suspended the oil sales of the oil field. The swap started on Japan was the first time that the Iraqi government agreed to transport crude oil from the Kirkuk oil field to Iran, thus restartCrude oil charting crude oil sales in this oil field.

Richard Mullinson, an analyst at London Energy Consulting, said that Angola has serious problems and the rate of decline in its oil production is becoming more and more obvious. The June low numbers seem to be just a starting point, heralding a steeper structural output decline in the future.