Crude oil investment sentiment

Crude oil investment sentiment

US crude oil futures may fall back towards the support level of $627 per barrel because it failed to break the $724 resistance level. The above resistance level is the 00% prediCrude oil investment sentimentcted level of the upward C wave starting at $405. The relative strength indicator RSI on the daily chart has issued a short divergence signal, indicating that the possibility of oil prices breaking through $724 this week is very small.

At this time, you should follow the breakthrough direction in time to enter the market and enjoy the fun of sitting in a sedan chair. Note that the price at this time generally changes very quickly, and the order is often placed in the first reaction time, but the price is too far away. It is recommended to place the order in advance, and then change the stop loss.

In most cases, the market is basically in a state of valueless volatility. If we pay attention to any situation, we will not only be very tired and tired, but also lose our sensitivity to market changes.

How to deal with the quilt of spot crude oil investment? It is common to invest in quilts, but it is not impossible to solve the quilt, so we must be calm and not rushing. Below, the editor of China Petroleum Finance Network will teach you how to solve the quilt slips when trading crude oil. Minor set orders are basically not a big deal, but it should be noted that do not have any fluke psychology. Once the point is reached, you must choose to leave without hesitation, otherwise there will be the risk of placing orders again. If the set order is not solved afterwards, it is easy to be locked. Although the lock order controls the loss of the set order, the same daily overnight fee is not affordable for every investor. At this time, you need to calm down and start from Cycle to judge the trend. In addition, the position re-selects to lighten up the order to maintain the balance of funds. If the set is deep, and the market may continue to go in a disadvantageous direction. Then you need to do a reverse order depending on the actual situation of your own funds to increase the net value of the position. But it should be noted that you must not make a set of orders in the same direction, lest the market continues to deteriorate. To sum up, for the spot crude oil quilt sheet, it should be let go when it is time to let go, to eliminate the gambler mentality. You must not hesitate, procrastinate again and again, and you must not blindly resist. Moreover, the mentality must be corrected. Even if there is a loss, it is inevitable. A good mentality determines the size of the loss.

Strong value preservation: Spot crude oil can be effectively used as a tool to resist inflation, with great potential for appreciation, and value-added and value-preserving tools. You can submit physical objects at any time, or apply for delivery of physical gasoline or diesel at any time, thereby reducing investment risks and maintaining value. effect.

The Organization’s 2020 plan may also further reduce the supply of crude oil. The focus of the plan is to reduce carbon emissions Crude oil investment sentimentfrom ships. The plan may wipe out 500,000 barrels of heavy oil supply from the market, and rising oil prices seem to be a foregone conclusion.

The Washington Post reported on the 25th that Trump continued to maintain his original position at a press conference held with French President Macron who was visiting the United States, stating that the Iran nuclear agreement is a terrible agreement and that it is the former president. The absurd agreement signed by Obama. Public opinion generally believes that Rouhani's statement on the 25th is the latest response to Trump's remarks.

Since last year, prices in the oil market have been rising steadily. The global benchmark Brent crude oil price climbed to a multi-year high of US$80 per barrel earlier this month. The rise in crude oil futures was largely driven by OPEC-led production cuts and strong global demand.