cme crude oil contract specifications

cme crude oil contract specifications

At present, the price adjustment of refined oil products this year is seven ups, four downs and one stranded. If the next round of refined oil prices falls, then it will form a situation of seven ups, five downs and one stranded. Although it may be cme crude oil contract specificationsthe smallest reduction in refined oil prices this year.

The analysis believes that the growth rate of non-agricultural employment population in April will reverse the downturn of the month, because the employment population in some industries sensitive to weather changes will expand. Among them, salary growth will be the top priority. Economists currently predict that the average hourly wage rate in April will be 7%, which is the same as the monthly data. The monthly rate is expected to increase by 0.2%, slightly lower than the previous value of 0.%.

But at the same time, Saudi Arabia has positioned the official price of monthly light crude oil exported to the European and American markets at a premium of US$00 per barrel compared to the Argus Sour Crude Oil Index ASCI, which is the same as last month. In other words, the crude oil exported by Saudi Arabia is much more expensive than the crude oil exported to Europe and the United States.

The author believes that the RMB oil settlement system is the key to breaking the situation in oil. It is independent of a set of settlement systems other than U.S. dollar oil, which means that no matter how high the dependence on oil imports is, the domestic currency can be used for settlement of transactions with oil-producing countries. Avoid the impact of the dollar system.

On Monday, May 4, OPEC’s monthly crude oil market report said that second-hand news showed that OPEC’s April crude oil output increased by 20,000 barrels per day to 90,000 barrels per day; the OECD’s monthly crude oil inventory fell to 22.9 billion barrels. It fell below 10 million barrels for the first time. After the report was released, oil prices did not fluctuate much.

First, earlier this week, Israeli Prime Micme crude oil contract specificationsnister Netanya made a televised speech on Iran’s nuclear issue at the Israel Defense Forces headquarters in Tel Aviv. He showed the so-called archives of Iran’s nuclear program obtained by the Israeli intelligence service from Iran, accusing Iran of After signing the comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue in 205, it was still secretly developing nuclear weapons, deceiving the world! Netanyahu said: After Iran signed the Iran nuclear agreement in 205, Iran stepped up to hide its nuclear program files. In 207, Iran moved its nuclear weapons archives to a highly secretive location in southern Tehran, where Iran’s nuclear archives were kept.

Affected by the reduction in US crude oil inventories, the two oil prices reversed the previous decline and rose slightly in the Asian market on June 6 on Wednesday. As of 0:00 Beijing time, US crude oil rose 0.% to $672 per barrel, and Brent crude oil rose 0.07% to $74 per barrel.