World crude oil market

World crude oil market

We are all fair under the market conditions. Under the same market conditions, why some people lose money and others make money? At this point, China Petroleum Finance Network will tell you that one of the important factors that determine the success or failure of our spot crude oil investment is Under the same operating skills, different mentality is completely the key to success or failure. Therefore, a good mentality in the investment process will make investors do more with less, andWorld crude oil market vice versa, continue to lose money. Then, as investors, what mentality should we face against spot crude oil investment? Don't be greedy, don't guess the situation, don't fantasize, make more money The mentality of seeking less stability and greed is a big taboo for spot crude oil investment; there must be a logical analysis of market trends, regularity analysis, and market psychology, rather than gambling or guessing; do not have too much illusion about the market and profitability. Because the spot crude oil market is very realistic, it is necessary to maintain a normal mindset to earn more and less, especially during the learning phase. Learning how to keep the principal will naturally have the opportunity to make money. As the saying goes, starting a business is easy to maintain. In the spot crude oil investment, as long as you keep the principal and maintain a good mentality and spirit, then investing and making money is only a matter of time. Three firsts must be kept in mind in the spot market: safety first, capital preservation first, survival first. If you are in a bad mood or in a bad state, don't look at the market until you get back to a good state. People will have joy, anger, sorrow, and joy. People's emotions will affect the state and also affect the analysis of spot crude oil investment. Therefore, when you are in a bad mood, you need to self-regulate immediately, or take a rest to stop the operation, so as not to increase operation errors. Don't rush for quick success, foresight and haste, but not reach the truth. Everyone knows that if you want to make big gains with small strokes, and get rich overnight, this investment concept is wrong at the beginning. Spot crude oil is an international market and a permanent market, so it is not a casino or an ATM. Therefore, the investment perspective should be farther, the goal should be clearer, the foundation should be solid, and the learning experience should be accumulated step by step. In fact, learning in the spot crude oil investment market will be faster than learning in the stock market. Concentrate without distraction. In spot crude oil investment, leveraged trading is to magnify risks and benefits. Then you must have a 200% mental state when trading. If you want to concentrate effectively, you must have a peaceful environment and Body care. A successful investor's personal ability is essential, and trading experience is also an important factor, but the premise of these conditions is that the investor must have a healthy and good trading mentality. Only in this way can investors go on long in the field of spot crude oil and silver investment.

Since this pricing cycle, international crude oil futures have fluctuated upwards, the rate of change of domestic crude oil has increased in a positive range, and the price limit of refined oil products is expected to rise strongly, which is good for the market. The wholesale price of refined oil products from domestic main sales units and Shandong local refineries showed a strong trend, so this cycle of domestic main units' wholesale and retail prices narrowed.

Alberta is vigorously promoting the Trans-Mountain Oil Pipeline Expansion Project. This project has been demonstrated for several years, and the environmental assessment has been completed and approved by the federal government. The ground can be broken only with the approval of the province of British Columbia through which the pipeline passes.

Saudi Energy Minister Falih told the media that it will soon be known whether a compromise has been reached. He believes that OPEC's goal is to maintain a stable supply of crude oil, and no one should expect an immediate weakening of oil prices. He emphasized that the OPEC statement has been far away from politics. He said that it will take some time for the supply of crude oil to rise, and proposed to increase production by 0 million barrels per day. Crude oil production will be based on the crude oil production capacity of each country. The increase will take effect in July, but will have an impact at the end of the summer. The end of summer will see more oil supply in the market.

Al-Falih said the country is preparing to adjust its policy in June, but did not disclose how much it will increase production. Saudi Arabia has always been regarded as the de facto leader of OPEC, and OEPC member states will hold their next policy meeting in Vienna on June 22.

India is Iran’s second-largest crude oil importer. Between August 6 and August 6, crude oil purchased from Iran dropped from World crude oil marketapproximately 706,000 barrels per day to 200,000 barrels per day. India has been trying to maintain neutrality between Iran and the United States. On the one hand, 80% of India's energy is imported. Iran is India’s third-largest energy supplier, and its cheap oil and natural gas are vital to the Indian economy. Moreover, the cooperation between India and Iran in the economic and trade field has been continuously strengthened in the past few years. The two sides are cooperating to build the Iranian Chabahar Port, which is a project that India mainly hopes to promote. The port is only 72 kilometers away from Gwadar Port in Pakistan. Through this port, India will be able to bypass Pakistan, through Iran and Afghanistan, to achieve connectivity with Central Asia.

Saudi Arabia does not mention it for the time being. According to data from the Russian Ministry of Energy on the 2nd, production in 208 climbed to 60,000 barrels per day, the highest production record in more than 0 years. The US Energy Information Administration data also shows that the US crude oil production in October 208 was 570,000 barrels per day.

If OPEC decides to increase production by less than 700,000 barrels on June 22, it will help stabilize oil prices and have a relatively limited impact on the market; if the resolution maintains the agreement on production reductions, then oil prices may rise further; if the increase in production exceeds 700,000 barrels, short-term effects Oil prices are relatively bearish. However, in the peak consumption season, coupled with high cracking profits, the price downside is expected to be limited. It is still recommended that after the OPEC resolution is promulgated, do more on the dips. The reference point for entry is SC809 contract 440-450 yuan/barrel, WTI July contract 6-64 yuan/barrel, Brent August contract 72-7 yuan/barrel.

However, with oil prices rising by more than 70% in the past two months, higher prices are expected to slow down OECD oil consumption, thereby dragging down the growth of 208/9 global demand. Economists often notice the low price elasticity of oil demand, which means that small price changes will not have a large impact on consumption in the short term.