Real-time chart of international crude oil prices

Real-time chart of international crude oil prices

Currie pointed out that what matters is the level of demand, not the growth rate. Oil demand is 100 million barrels per day, exceeding supply, and supply is difficult to keep up. This is also the reason why cash, commodities and oil outperformed late in the business cycle because of Real-time chart of international crude oil pricesthe high demand. He also added that the demand is much higher than anyone thought.

From this point of view, although the tension between Canada and Saudi Arabia has led to a decline in its oil imports from Saudi Arabia, Canada can actively meet its needs by actively saving itself and importing oil from other countries. However, how Saudi Arabia transfers its oil to other countries requires some thought.

In this case, we point out that this can actually be partially avoided. Investors can prepare trading plans in the client software in advance and set trading orders before leaving, especially for those who are not assured of orders that are sensitive in the crude oil market. During periods of severe market volatility, this job is especially indispensable.

Crude oil futures have been listed on the market for more than two months. Recently, at the 15th Derivatives Market Forum held by the Futures Exchange, the performance and future development of crude oil futures have become the focus of the forum. In this regard, it is generally believed that the operation of crude oil futures since its listing has withstood the test of changes in the domestic and international macro-environment and the world political and economic situation, basically in line with expectations, and the future development can be expected.

At 0:00 am Beijing time, FOMC Permanent Voting Committee and Federal Reserve Board Member Brainard will give a speech on the prospects of the US economy and monetary policy. Both officials support a gradual path of interest rate hikes, and whether their monetary policy stance will be adjusted after the release of inflation data is worthy of investors' attention.

Some OPEC member ministers and oil traders expressed doubts about the willingness and supply capacity to increase the crude oil by 0 million barrels per day. But Falih made it clear oReal-time chart of international crude oil pricesn the 2nd that although oil producers are unwilling to cause oversupply again, they will do their best to ensure a good supply in the market.

BP CEO Dudley said that the increase in US shale oil production and major OPEC oil-producing countries may end the upward trend. Dudley predicts that US shale oil will flood the market in large quantities, and OPEC may reopen restrictions after crude oil prices exceeded $80 last week to cool oil prices.