Sales and Marketing with QuickBase

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Innovation and productivity in sales and marketing depends on smart people with access to smart tools.  Top performers need simple,  effective sales systems that meet their need for information and action, and your need for management and control.

With QuickBase, the online database from Intuit, you can rapidly create right-sized tools uniquely configured to your sales and marketing organization at a price your operating budget can afford.  All you need is a browser and an internet connection to run your tools and share with your sales force, employees, vendors and customers.

Lawrence Lavery and Company, Inc. configures custom QuickBase solutions that contribute directly to sales  growth.  We understand the sales environment and the challenge to make  relevant tools for your sales organization.  Our services include consulting, business process and sales tool development and third-party program administration. We provide customized training and support for all of the tools we build.


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